****** Pick up is on the West side of Hamilton, Ohio USA. I do not offer any phone number. That way you see in writing, the order also.

Chocolate Candy Trays                 I require at least a 4 day notice

Small  35-40 pieces $10.00     **Order Forms are on the left, under the categories**

Large 95-100 pieces  $20.00            I try to make it all edible!

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Baby Shower cakes
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Jessica T., I made 2 trips, called & email, no show
Thanks for waisting my time on x-mas eve Chelsie
Adrianna even chatted with me 1 hr before pick up show
Anna H. even sent corrected form-adult cake & candy
Rachelle T. "loves my cakes, can't wait for me to customize her a new design" No show!
Larisa couldn't pick up "due to death in the family", seems everyone was told but me.
Played "Marco Polo" with Candise for 3 hrs, trying to get her cake to her. Guess the joke was on me!
Donita even wanted the name larger, which I did......
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I just want the THANK these people, for wasting my time!   I certainly don't enjoy baking/creating for people like this! They place the order, then don't show to pick it up**They don't answer my e-mails or calls**. They are the reasons why you pay 1st!

Shelbi Lee "couldn't wait to pick up her daughter's cake" show!
Allison ordered, did not pick up!
Quana ordered, did not pick up!
Lekaira ordered, did not pick up!
Anaya ordered, went to Columbus. NOT the address I gave her. Said she'd come get it, then didn't.
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Disney page 1
Shower/Anniversary Treats
Girls Page 2
Girls Page 2
Melissa B. shame on you!
Brande has no idea how long this took me to make
Treana said she couldn't pick up on scheduled day, said she'd come next day. No show. Guess I needed to waste my time & gas again.
Noelia let me know at the pick up time, that "she can't make it".
Lynn says "I just know my little Amanda would be so happy!" No show!
Linda ordered, did not pick up!