Creative Candy Trays.....we can custom-make you one too! Pick up is on the west side of Hamilton, Oh USA I do not offer any phone number. That way you see in writing, the order also. **Order Forms are on the left, under the categories**

Chocolate Candy Trays
Small 30-40 pieces   $10.00                    I require at least a 4 day notice
Large 75-100 Pieces  $20.00

High school Football
1st year in photo's candy
Owls & Bows
Magician candy (this is a large tray)
Pizza candy
Sailboat & Lighthouse candy
Sneaker candy
Bubble gum machines candy
Sunbather candy (large tray)
Teacher candy
Alien candy
Knight in Armor candy
Knight on Horse candy
Betty Boop candy
Podiatrist candy
Wrestling with custom wrestlers
The Incredibles candy
16 pink & green candy
Sweet 16 keys, hearts
King Kong candy
Hairspray candy
Miller Light candy
Navy candy
Oriental candy
Dragon Slayer candy
Balloons and age/numbers candy
Hockey candy can be any colors
Midevil candy
Madagascar candy
Coke Polar Bear candy
Spaceman & Rocket candy
Super girl candy
The Cat candy
The Wiggles (large tray)
Bob the Builder candy
Beach candy
Camping candy
Fur Coat candy
Red Hat candy
Cleaning assortment
Realtor candy
Personal Princess Tiara candy (Princess shoe on large tray only)
Frog & Dragonflies candy
Mermaid assortment candy
Superman & Batman candy
Hotel Transyvania 2
Computer candy
Egyptian candy
Hollywood candy
Movie Theater candy
Picnic candy
Pool Table candy
Smurf candy
Survivor candy
Airplane candy
World Travel candy
Lawyer candy
Bird House candy
Cooking candy
Pink Panther candy
Skunk candy
American Motorcycle
Car Wash candy
School Band candy (this is a large tray)
Jack Daniels candy
Paint pallet candy